At XTO, Inc., our team of nearly 100 employees provides tape and material slitting services to clients in critical industries across the nation. We offer a number of advantages that set us apart from our competitors.

Not only do we sell standard material sizes, but we also offer custom-tailored sizes and widths ideal for a range of unique projects at lower price points compared with other companies.

Tape/Material Slitting

Material slitting is the process of spinning a roll of material on a rotating mandrel at a high speed while circular blades cut the material to a certain width. We have several tape-slitting options available and partner with a range of companies that specialize in the process, including 3M, Parker/Chomerics, and St. Gobain.

Industries & Applications

Our tape and material slitting services primarily benefit clients who have stringent requirements, such as the defense and medical industries. XTO, Inc.’s defense and medical clients turn to us for reliable services that stand up to industry regulations.  We offer a range of materials (up to 1” in thickness) that can benefit many applications and include:

  • 3M tapes — Foam tape can be made to customer specifications
  • Rogers Bisco & PORON
  • Solid rubber
  • Open & Closed Cell foams with or without adhesive backing

In most cases, our manufacturing costs for these and similar materials are lower than industry average.

XTO, Inc.’s Material Slitting Services

At XTO, Inc., our extensive industry knowledge allows us to provide innovative solutions to our customers’ problems. We give clients the freedom to leverage customized delivery services, inventory their finished parts, and even kit some products as required.

To learn more about our tape and material slitting capabilities, contact us today for further information. You can also request a custom quote for an upcoming project.

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