Phase change—also commonly referred to as phase transition—refers to the point at which material changes from one physical state to another, such as a gas cooling into a liquid, a liquid condensing into a solid, and vice versa. To carefully control phase changes in-process materials, it is often essential for industrial businesses to implement carefully targeted thermal management solutions into their process systems.

Phase Change Materials and Applications

XTO is a custom manufacturer and converter of flexible insulation for thermal radiation reflection and absorption applications. Our thermal insulation solutions are available in a variety of tolerances and material types to help facilitate or prevent process material phase transitions. Some of these products include:

  • Parker Chomerics THERMFLOW® phase-change Thermal Interface Materials (TIMs) completely fill interfacial air gaps and voids. They also displace entrapped air between power dissipating electronic components. Phase-change materials are designed to maximize heat sink performance and improve component reliability.

Phase Change Solutions from XTO, Inc. 

At XTO, we manufacture and distribute a variety of thermal management solutions to meet the needs of projects in any industry. To see how our products can serve help you control phase transitions in your process flows, please contact us today.


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