The benefits of Silicone rubber include a high level of resistance to harsh environmental factors, including UV radiation, open flames, extreme temperatures, and corrosive chemicals.  Silicone rubber will retain its shape, durability, and flexibility in extreme hot and cold temperatures. XTO works with industry leaders such as ST. Gobain, Rogers Bisco, and other high-quality manufacturers of silicone sponge and solid rubber. We offer a wide range of products from each of these families and have the capabilities to make gaskets from small to large.


Silicone foam is available in both open and closed cell structures for whichever your application requires.  Silicone foam is great for vibration dampening as well as offers great heat and sound insulation.


Silicone rubber offers many distinct advantages including Range of hardness: Silicone Rubber can be manufactured in a wide range of durometers to fit all your applications. (From very soft to very hard)


Silicone sponge is a closed celled material that has a very low compression set.  Silicone sponge also comes in a variety of densities making it a very versatile material for gasketing.  It also has very low outgassing which can be crucial for many applications.

Silicone Solutions From XTO, Inc.

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