XTO, Inc. specializes in die cutting and high-quality fabrication services. We have built a reputation as technical gasket and die cutting experts over the course of 40 years.

Our team consists of more than 75 skilled employees spread across two state-of-the-art facilities who can help fulfill orders for a variety of products and services.

We can handle small- and high-volume orders for die cutting, flash cutting, and kiss cutting for customers of any size.

Die Cutting

Die cutting is an affordable, fast, and simple production method. Our die cutting services create precise cuts and cutouts in materials with thicknesses up to 0.063 inches for rigid material, 0.375 inches for rubber, and 1 ½ inch for foam. We work with a wide variety of materials for any application.

Flash Cutting

Flash cutting is a die-less cutting method that makes customization and fast production easier. It can handle a wide variety of materials and produces smooth pieces with excellent dimensional accuracy. At XTO, our flash cutting process can handle material from 0.001 inches up to 0.75 inches thick.

Flash cutting translates specifications from a CAD design into a series of cuts to produce the final form. Our flash cutting processes use CNC machines to deliver complex, precise cuts.

This process offers five key benefits:

  • Faster turnaround times
  • Little or no material waste or risk of error
  • Precision cuts and clean edges

Flash cutting is a popular method of fabrication for prototype runs and parts where aesthetics are highly valued.

Kiss Cutting

Unlike most cutting techniques, kiss cutting creates an extremely precise cut that doesn’t penetrate the liner for the adhesive backing material on the substrate. This leaves behind a liner that is larger than the part itself allowing for quick and easy removal off the liner.  This allows the end-user to have a faster and more efficient manufacturing process; reducing labor costs and increasing throughput.

  • Kiss Cutting vs. Die Cutting
    Die cutting may be used to cut myriad materials of varying thickness very precisely, whereas kiss cutting utilizes a machine that controls the depth of the cut and leaves an extended liner for easy handling. Kiss cutting cuts through gaskets, foam, closed cell sponges, and rubber without cutting through the backing material by leaving an extended liner.
  • Flash Cutting vs. Kiss Cutting
    Flash cutting best suited for projects that require rapid prototyping and aesthetically perfect parts. Kiss cutting better suited for projects in which a single layer needs to be cut to a specific depth. Both processes can be customized to fit specific project requirements.

Die, Flash, & Kiss Cutting Services

Our technical engineers can help customize our cutting processes to fit your team’s needs. If you don’t have a complete drawing or blueprint, we can help make your design ready to test and produce. We can also evaluate completed drawings to find areas for improvement and added efficiency.

Die cutting, flash cutting, and kiss cutting processes make creating high-quality workpieces fast and easy. Contact XTO, Inc. today to learn more about our services or to send us your design.

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