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  • Silicone


    XTO works with industry leaders such as ST. Gobain, Rogers Bisco, and other high-quality manufacturers of silicone sponge and solid rubber. We offer a wide range of products from each of these families and have the capabilities to make gaskets from small to large.

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  • Thermal Transfer

    Thermal Transfer

    At XTO, we offer industry-leading solutions for thermal management, including insulation, thermally conductive tapes, and thermally conductive acrylic pads.

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  • Conductive


    At XTO Inc., we have extensive experience providing customers across industries with the conductive adhesives, materials, and coatings that they need.

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  • Thin Gage Plastics

    Thin Gage Plastics

    At XTO, our capabilities include the ability to manufacture thin-gauge plastic solutions for applications in a broad spectrum of industries.

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  • Phase Change

    Phase Change

    XTO’s thermal management solutions are available in a variety of tolerances and material types to help control phase changes in process materials.

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  • Insulation


    XTO manufactures and distributes thermal and electrical insulation solutions for a wide range of applications spanning a variety of industries.

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  • Adhesives


    XTO is an authorized distributor for adhesives manufactured by 3M, Henkel Loctite, and Momentive Silicones. Commercial adhesives join materials in applications where metal fasteners are not suitable, such as wood joinery or weather-stripping installation.

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  • Poron


    PORON material is great for gaskets that require an adhesive, with XTO being a preferred converter for 3M we can meet any of your needs.

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  • Rubber


    Our offerings include custom mixing and compounding, calendering, rotocuring, custom dimensions, color matching, stenciling, private branding, slitting, and a variety of finishes including smooth cellophane finish, matte finish, paper finish and fabric finish.

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  • Foam/Sponge


    contain nitrogen-filled cells and provide reliable sealing, cushioning, gap filling, and insulation.

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  • Cork/Cork & Rubber

    Cork/Cork & Rubber

    Cork is a popular material for gasket manufacturing due to its high compressibility and flexibility. When combined with rubber, such as silicone or neoprene, cork gaskets exhibit good oil, solvent and fuel resistance.

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Our Partnerships

Parker Chomerics

Parker Chomerics

XTO, Inc. and Parker Chromerics have a trusted and effective partnership to deliver cost-effective industrial solutions to clients in a variety of industries and applications.

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3M Preferred Converter

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About Us About Us

For over thirty years, XTO has been your manufacturing partner for quality fabricating and die-cutting of gaskets and gasket materials. We are a recognized leader in gasket production, delivering over fifty million parts per year! Our high-quality products ship to 40 states and seventeen countries from our 67,000 square foot production facilities in Liverpool.

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