There are a variety of options for industrial adhesives and sealants, which often makes the selection process complicated. At XTO, Inc., we partner with industry leaders such as 3M, Parker Chomerics, Henkel Loctite, Momentive and SIKA, ensuring that we can identify and provide an appropriate solution for your application.

We supply our customers with a wide array of adhesive, sealant, laminating services and products. The ideal solution for any case depends on a number of factors. Our dedicated team of engineers has been in the business for decades, and happy to share our expertise with you. With two facilities and more than 75 experts on staff, we are prepared to meet orders ranging from a single item to large volumes.



We stock a wide range of pressure-sensitive adhesives. Our industry partnerships give us access to an expansive range of materials. We maintain an extensive inventory of popular adhesive and sealant solutions to facilitate fast order fulfillment, ensuring that you receive your products when you need them.

If questions arise about ideal adhesives or sealants in a certain case, the XTO team is always prepared to field concerns and offer advice and can accommodate orders for any size project.


Laminating Pressure-sensitive adhesives are commonly adhered to substrates through the lamination process. At XTO, our laminator uses a heated drum to soften adhesive materials before they come into contact with the substrate. We specialize in providing cost-effective industrial lamination in a timely manner. We offer a number of processes and material options to suit the needs of nearly any project. Our processes are highly versatile, allowing us tailor solutions specifically for each project. We always maintain a large inventory of industrial lamination supplies to rapidly meet any production needs.

Adhesive Experts at XTO, Inc.

Our dedication to understanding client requests sets us apart from the competition. The XTO team thoroughly evaluates each customer request so we can work together to craft an individualized solution for the project. Our staff seeks to meet and exceed customer expectations in every project we accept.

We offer complete certification, shelf life, and custom labeling capabilities to meet all of your quality requirements. If you have any concerns with the process, one of our expert technicians will get in touch with you right away.

We’re excited to hear about your unique project. Contact us today to learn more our adhesive, sealant, and lamination offerings and capabilities.

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