The word fabrication is tough, because in a way it touches a lot of different services that XTO provides. Today, fabrication is die-cutting, waterjet cutting, slitting – even combinations of multiple processes, such as pairing a silicone sponge with a wire mesh to provide environmental shielding. To us, fabrication represents the cumulative capabilities of XTO and is in some way a part of all of our processes.

Having an all-in-one fabrication company working on your project provides several benefits. Many companies don’t want to do their own gluing handwork for various reasons. As a result, there are few places you can turn for this specific kind of process – you can turn to us. We provide Value Added Services and treat each of our clients’ unique projects with meticulous care and attention.

From one piece to one million, XTO has you covered. Whatever your material selection entails – size, shape, thickness – we can answer questions regarding temperature, chemicals involved and anything else about the process that you’d like to know. From open cell foam, closed cell foam, microcell foam to solid rubber, we have the equipment and the experience to get the job done right on time, every time. We pride ourselves on our industry knowledge and are excited to hear about your unique project!