Kiss Cutting 

Kiss Cutting is a process that results in adhesive on one side of the final product, which can be applied as easily as a sticker. XTO offers kiss cutting for a wide range of materials over a number of diverse applications. Our orders run as low as 250 pieces for a Kiss Cut project, but we are capable of handling any number of cuts.

Kiss Cutting is best for applications that can benefit from easy storage. Kiss Cutting provides precision, accuracy, and many other advantages over individually cut parts such as leaving an extended liner on the product for easy handling and application.


Kiss Cutting vs. Die Cutting

The difference between Die Cutting and Kiss Cutting is that Die Cutting allows for cutting a myriad of materials of varying thickness very precisely cleanly and whereas Kiss Cutting utilizes a machine that controls the depth of the cut and leaves an extended liner for easy handling. Kiss Cutting cuts through gaskets, foam, closed cell sponges, and rubber without cutting through the backing material by leaving an extended liner.

XTO’s Kiss Cutting machines cut through one layer of material whereas our Die Cutting machines can be used to create gaskets and cut through plastic, rubber and foam up to 1/8” thick. Both processes can be customized to meet your project’s unique needs and our team of experienced technical engineers are always on-hand to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have about your order. Contact us today to learn more.



Our company needed an order for 25 custom gaskets and XTO not only made the perfect gasket, they beat the deadline.  The staff always treats me like I am the most important customer they have.  Thanks for a job well done.

Turn around time

XTO maintains a large inventory of supplies to rapidly meet your production needs. We can offer complete certification, shelf life, and custom labeling capabilities to meet all your quality requirements.

Don't see it, we make it

Creativity, technology and motivated people come together at XTO. We consistently deliver custom, quality products on time, and at the right bottom line! Get us into your decision making ‘loop’ early to take full advantage of our experience and expertise.


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